Lucky Clover Irish Lottery Game

Play the Irish Lottery with the Football Pools Lucky Clover game. it's £1 to play and if you win you will get a guaranteed cash prize. Get a £75 Welcome Bonus when playing Lucky Clover. Check out of any football pools betting offers are available.

Play Lucky Clover

How to Play Lucky Clover

  • Pick five numbers from 1-47
  • If all five numbers come out of the draw, you'll win a guaranteed £65,000
  • If you pick 4 correct numbers you will win £4,800
  • 4 correct numbers will win you £400
  • Whilst just 2 correct numbers pockets a guaranteed £55
  • All games are £1 to play and the draws are made on Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Bets must be placed by 6.45pm on the day of the draw.

£75 Welcome Bonus

£75 Welcome Bonus!